Gaia story
has a happy ending

Once upon a time there was a mailbox, full of memories, sighs and anticipations.
Once upon a time there were 67 thousand red letterboxes around Italy.
Once upon a time there were people who wrote with a pen. And people who mailed letters.

What about today?

It is now (Web, WhatsApp and e-mails time, when everyone is “sending” and dropping off less and less) that is particularly important to check those somehow special messages that choose a different medium to reach you to be noticed and…

Gaia is here.

Gaia is romantic: with its traditional shape,
it keeps the pleasure of the anticipation in receiving post alive.

Gaia is modern and efficient, because it warns you like the most updated handy when you got mail.

Gaia is colourful, versatile and always has the right design in the most suitable location.