Gaia Led

Gaia Led mailbox is the ideal product for outdoor environment. With its innovative materials and its modern design it is particularly resistant to weather conditions.
Moreover, the letterbox compartment is well protected against weathering.

How does it work?

When the post is dropped off, a green led tells you that the box is full. The led switches off when the post is withdrawn, no further actions needed.

Powered by three batteries, these must be replaced once or twice a year, depending on the time the mail remains in the box. In any case, when the batteries are about to run out, a flashing red LED indicates the need to change them.

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Materials: metal plate electrogalvanised by a pre-washing chemical treatment and painted with Qualicoat polyester-based resin epoxy powder for outdoor environments.
Available in AISI 304 satin stainless steel 5 colours or in INOX 18/10.
High quality tumbler lock all made in Italy.

Built according to standard law requirements concerning environment protection.

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GAIA FLAG mailbox is available in two sizes

mm 340x215x135

mm 410x305x155